Dear Pastor or Director of a Parachurch Ministry,

We personally invite you and one member of your church board to attend a FREE "Retain the Word" Seminar while enjoying a complimentary meal. This seminar is about using technology in ministry. Each church that attends will receive two free tools that we developed to address the two greatest media ministry needs that pastors are experiencing.

Over 15,000 Pastors have attended this seminar during the last several years. We regularly hear comments like: "This presentation was practical for what my church needs today." and "I learned how to have a greater impact with sermons through various communication technologies."
Come, discover easy and practical ways to attract and retain more visitors, see everyone in the church mature in Christ, and extend the reach of every believer through all the available technologies.

God Bless you as you seek to advance the Kingdom of God. 
Until He comes,
Johnny Berguson

Founder and President of Kingdom

Select the city that is most convenient for you and call to register. Space is limited for this FREE Meal/Seminar, so please call us today at 1-800-488-0965






 If you can't make one of these locations, please call for other options.

Dr. Stanley Morris
"I felt that this is the
most important thing
going on in this city!"
Pastor Isrom Johnson
"This seminar shows how
simple it can be to reach
out to community!"
 Minister Jeremy Leisky
"Kingdom showed us
ways to reach people
without spending money!"
 Pastor Ronald Eagleton
"This seminar made me
want to shout, I can't
wait to implement!"
 Pastor Curtis Franklin
"It was so impactful
that it was overwhelming,
I attended twice!"
 Pastor Barney Perry
"This was a dynamic
presentation, it's not
complicated like I thought!"
 Pastor Sean O'Brien
"I believe that God led
me to attend this
 Pastor Lee Edwards
"I just attended an
awesome luncheon
and a briefing!"
Pastor Dennis Edwards
"This was fabulous,
I learned so much on
how to reach people!"
Pastor Herman Hubbard
"This has been the best
seminar that I have ever



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Each church that attends will receive a very helpful FREE Media Ministry Tool:

"Ultimate Inspiration for  Church Growth"
This DVD includes several sections. One section speaks directly to the pastor. Another 16 minute section was created specifically for the church board. A third section includes 12 mini clips (each 3-6 minutes in length) of personal testimonies concerning how God used media ministry to change lives. These are prepared for you to show to  your congregation on Sunday morning. This DVD is very effective for imparting the vision for media ministry to your leadership team and your entire church.  Once they get the vision, there is no limit to what God can do through your church. You are free to make as many copies of this recording as you like.